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The “holy grail” of cable television is live sports. Ninety-one percent of sports fans who have a pay TV subscription do so in order to watch games. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, if given the option, 82% of sports enthusiasts who currently watch live events would switch to watching them online instead.

A lesser-known competitor, can out-price Netflix by $25. We’re more concerned with what the willingness to pay a high membership premium could indicate for the future of free-to-play fantasy games and sports betting than we are with margins.

Gambling on the football game:

Even before sports betting goes live, offer free fantasy league games to its users. In FaceBank’s collection of animated digital humans, you can find Tupac Shakur performing at Coachella. Nexway, the e-commerce and payment network owned by the Facebank Group, is now available to audience of 180 million.

Expand its international sports betting with the help of this payment mechanism.

April 2020 press release:

FaceBank’s Nexway AG is a global retail and payment network that operates in 180 countries and accepts 140 currencies; aims to use this to grow internationally.

As of the release date on the 16th of November, it was made clear that Nexway had been sold and was no longer a part of the merger. Using Balto Sports, plans to enter the fantasy sports market. Y Combinator, which has helped companies like Stripe and AirBnB get started, has alumnus in Balto Sports. Balto Sports, a sportsbook, was created by Joe Montana’s son.

Recent years have seen joint investments of 39% in from Sky Media and Fox. At the end of 2017/beginning of 2018, Sky Media raised more money. The NBA’s former commissioner put up $15 million as well. Major media conglomerates have recently merged, with Comcast purchasing Sky and Disney purchasing 21st Century Fox. Sky Media, based in the United Kingdom, had a significant effect on early development. Sky Media (now owned by Comcast) and Disney are behind.

Removes the need for Hulu in the promotion of free-to-play gaming and sports betting by well-established media companies. Sports betting content is available on for MVPDs to stream. Fox’s backed DraftKings was purchased by Disney.

Although the US market share of free-to-play fantasy and wagering sites is up for debate, virtually all industry experts agree that Sky Media’s strategy will ultimately prevail. On the basis of subscriber numbers, the company dominates all other UK gambling operations. Sky Media, along with Fox, has been main investor in the past few years, and the streaming service is now following a strategy of monetization not dissimilar to that of its parent company. Not a coincidence, in our opinion. The early integration of Sky is something we like.


One of the most intriguing aspects of the market’s reaction is how quickly less experienced short sellers were given more weight than sell-side analysts who need to preserve credibility. (An individual short seller is ranked #17,000 on TipRanks!)

These analysts will get their first blank report if the company fails.

BMO Financial Group:

Previously rated as an Outperform by Salmon, BMO is now a Market Perform. After such a large increase, his price objective went from $33 to $50. It’s true that has “a more promising road to profitability than most new investors expect,” but the positive secular and execution tailwinds are already factored into the stock price. Salmon claims that the loss is not indicative of a pessimistic outlook but simply recent volatility.

In a report from Wedbush on December 16th, 2016:

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter has assigned an Outperform rating and a $40 price target. The analyst believes a sizable portion of the population will be raised as ‘cord-nevers,’ who want individualized content, and predicts that cord-cutting and cord-shaving will continue for the foreseeable future.


Needham changes its recommendation on from Hold to Buy because of its optimistic outlook for the company in 2021. Analyst Laura Marting predicts that positive momentum will carry over into 2021 thanks to the following factors: (a) stealing market share from rivals; (b) its relationship with Hisense reducing SAC; (c) upside from sports betting; (d) OTT multiple growth; (e) short covering; and (f) CTV upside. Shares of have skyrocketed in price since the company launched in October, yet analysts still rate them as undervalued.

Roth: (22-nd)

Price target was raised by Roth Capital to $55 from $36.50. Darren Aftahi, who previously recommended buying at a price of $36.50, now recommends paying $55. Aftahi informs investors in a research note that climbed 100 and 200 basis points from September to November, based on data from the Antenna market. The analyst speculates that the first half of 2021 subscriber prediction for would be higher than expected due to the company’s expansion operations and the general market trend of cord-cutting. Aftahi argues that “bullish thesis” is supported by market share increase, expansion into new categories, the use of artificial intelligence to boost customer acquisition and loyalty, and the launch of sports betting in 2021.

Oppenheimer, 12-7

Oppenheimer increased their price target from $21 to $30. After meeting with CEO and CFO, Oppenheimer analyst Jason Helfstein raised his price estimate for the company from $21 to $30. The analyst notes that while management appeared confident about hitting short-term subscription/advertising targets, investor attention was on recent acquisition of Balto Sports, marking the company’s first foray into online sports betting. There are obvious synergies between live sports broadcasting and OSB, but Helfstein warns that breaking into this industry is challenging. He calculates the OSB opportunity to be $742M, assuming $295M in 2020 revenue, by applying an attach rate of 16% and a margin structure similar to that of OSB leaders.

Is FuboTV the next Roku?

At its $30 price point, Roku was the first streaming device to be covered by an analyst. The industry thought it was hardware, but I convinced them it was actually an ad network. This was before Roku started counting ad revenue. Advertisements on Connected TVs generate more money for Roku than sales of hardware.

Although the market for SVOD has long since reached maturity, the AVOD industry is still years behind because Pay-TV advertisers have yet to make the conversion. While Netflix has reached its full potential, Roku is still in its formative stages. Roku’s location on the hype cycle is unclear to the market.

Unlike Roku, FuboTV does not function as an operating system or an advertising marketplace. FuboTV’s peak growth will lag behind Roku’s by a significant margin because live sports are the final content type to shift to linear OTT.

It is unrealistic to expect high-quality storytelling and a solid foundation from traditional OTT services when watching live sports. In order to make a safe investment in linear OTT live sports, investors must be patient and accept lower returns for the next two years until a better underlying narrative emerges. Short sellers refer to a market that is on fire as a “baby market.” It’s not a traditional over-the-top (OTT) channel. It wasn’t until live sports were available that people started cutting the cord.

Roku and FuboTV both have increasing subscriber bases and healthy average revenue per user. Margin pressure from the market is affecting both. Also criticized is the free cash flow margin Netflix maintains. While it’s true that the cost of licensing and distributing sports content has cut into earnings, it’s also true that small businesses with committed followings can (and do) thrive in the face of these challenges.

Gross margins need to be increased, as the short sellers have pointed out. The remaining pieces were merely the author’s subjective interpretation of the facts. The information and quotations were from unnamed specialists. Clients should verify the veracity of any information or interviews that could cause financial loss.

When to wear shorts was just right. Due to the holiday low volume, prices rose, technical indicators were oversold, and reports were released (one report came out on Christmas Eve). The deadlines for the reports were also carefully considered. The timing was spot on.

Oppenheimer reports that the availability of 140 million additional shares creates valuation concerns. Even though DraftKings is valued $18 billion, FuboTV made the same amount of money in 2019 because to its 500,000 user base. It’s possible Fubo will reach that level if it succeeds in attracting a sports-betting audience of the same size (which currently spends $65 per month on content and is expanding).


We have faith in the company’s new monetization strategy because almost every startup does something similar in order to discover product-market fit. The target audience is essential when making a pivot. Important stats for FuboTV look good. As a means of sustaining its user base and discouraging attrition, FuboTV is shifting its business model to focus on free-to-play fantasy games and, later, on sports betting in order to increase revenue and profitability. Analysts on the sell side predict the introduction of sports betting in 2021.

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